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An Interactive CV

In the Cloud and on the ground, sharing ideas, and inspiration on learning technology design, that is what this collection is about.  An interactive resume, professional portfolio, record of accomplishments; all focusing on e-learning production, instructional design and college teaching within the most recent years.  Included are thoughts and insights that come along the way.  Older projects are scattered around the blog-sphere; links can be found in the footer.

2015-2018 Major Presentations/Activities

Educational Symposium
Steelcase, New York, NY

From Vanilla to Cherry Garcia – The Next Wave of Online Course Development
NJEDGE 2016 Fall Conference
From Vanilla to Cherry Garcia

Visual Design for Learning Professionals
NJEDGE 2016 Fall Conference

Creating An Effective Presentation
NJEDGE 2015 and 2016 Fall Conference – Webinar

Creating An Effective Poster
NJEDGE 2015 and 2016 Fall Conference – Webinar

Judge – Academic Poster Competition
NJEDGE, 2015, 2016 Fall Conference
NJEDGE, 2016 Faculty Showcase

Self-Paced Learning Modules

Tech Skills III, March 2018

Screenshot from Tech Skills III











4 Modules
Wrote script, developed visual, interactive components and quizzes to create a consistent experience across modules.

(Because this course is currently being run, only the Introduction is provided at this time.  Other module URL’s available upon request.)

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Collaborating
  • Sharing Resources

Online Student Orientation, January 2018

Screenshot of Scenario











4 Modules
Wrote script, developed visual and interactive components to create a consistent experience across modules.


Start of Semester Essentials, Fall 2017

Screen Shot Getting Started










Wrote script, developed visual and interactive components.
Start of the Semester Essentials



Salt Marsh Dynamics

Salt Marsh Dynamics





– A Problem Based Scenario Built in SecondLife

Endangered Ecosytems – The Salt-Water Marsh
FIG Submission – 2008 – 2010
ENV 1019NA/AA and ERTH 1019NA (Professor Martha Schoene)
BIOL 2341 AA (Professor Marian Glenn)
Faculty Member:  Marian Glenn and Martha Schoene
Instructional Designer:  Heidi Trotta
Final EdM Paper – Submitted June, 2010

Publications – Short

Trotta, H., & Glenn, M. Salt Marsh Dynamics ~ a Problem-Based Learning Scenario. In R. Hinrich, & C. Wankel, Engaging the Avatar. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing. 2012.

Balkun M., Zedeck M., & Trotta H. Literary Analysis as Serious Play in Second Life. In: Wankel C., Kingsley J., eds. Higher Education in Virtual Worlds. Bingley UK: Emerald Group Publishing, 2009:141- 157.

Hewitt, A., Spencer S., Ramloll R., & Trotta H. Expanding CERC beyond Public Health: Sharing Best Practices with Healthcare Managers via Virtual Learning. Health Promotion Practice. 2008. n.p. <http://www.biomedsearch.com/nih/Expanding-CERC-beyond-public-health/18936263.html>.