I just returned from a 2 day conference in Las Vegas called DEVLEARN 2018.  It was been quite some time since  I had the opportunity to attend a large national conference.  It was a quick trip, unfortunately, however, I was like the energizer bunny, frantically taking in as many sessions as I could from 7:30 am in the morning till 5:00 pm at night …  till I would just drop.  This conference is designed for learning developers and I finally felt I had found “my conference”.  It was exciting, inspirational and one could just drink in the energy.    There were so many sessions, I found it overwhelming sometimes to choose.  I tried to get a cross section and each session was excellent.

What was soooo exciting was that I got to see people I connected with at “a distance” via social media, or LinkedIn.  Others I had attended their webinars, such as Karl Kapp and the Storyline folks.  To see them in real life was amazing.  For the next couple of posts, on Tuesday nights, I am going to reflect on what I learned to try and keep the energy up and not get bogged down with everyday happenings and dramas.