The first session I attended at DEVLEARN 2018 was at 7:30 am on Wednesday .. it was a discussion on unique places to find inspiration for the designing of learning materials, hosted by Kevin Thorn of NuggetHead Studioz.

The first challenge he gave us was to design an e-learning module with a menu, based on the hotel elevator … floors would have different information for the learner.

Places for color inspiration:

  • Carpet
  • Fabric
  • Nature
  • Popular board games, Card Games
  • Marketing Ads
  • Children’s Toys
  • Comics – Will Eisner (I had actually explored this topic at Teacher’s College).  PS Monthly

He talked about the inspiration for the “hamburger”  symbol.

We brainstormed a design for an e-learning module for emergency preparedness.  He talked about having the learner identify first considerations that affected how they were to prepare … location, if they were elderly or had elderly inhabitants, young children, the time of year, etc.  Based on what they choose, different information would be provided.  The idea was to provide the information quickly and have it tailored to their circumstance as much as possible.  The theme:  Zombie preparedness.