Magnifying Glass

My next session at DEVLEARN 2018 on Wednesday was how to making boring content interesting with microlearning.  This session talked about making the content super focused with one message per module.  The achievement of one specific objective is involved.  The presenter identified what makes training material painfully boring …

  • bullets
  • lame questions
  • reading objectives
  • lots of content
  • too long
  • not relevant
  • dull and repetitive
  • not applicable to current tasks, adds no value

and then they did the opposite …

  • short  (2-4 minutes)
  • relevant
  • exciting and fun
  • “learn it, know it, do it”
  • has a specific action item
  • applies to everyone
  • does not have theory or principles
  • no company policies
  • no boarding and un-meaningful statistics
  • no definitions
  • no content that is not absolutely necessary
  • no basic information
  • no history, no background
  • ONE key message per video

For an example, they showed a microlearning clip they had created for leaving an unknown USB drive alone … it was short, to the point, funny.  It included a number of short scenarios so the learner could identify with the content.

Other forms of microlearning other than video ..

  • infographic
  • ebook
  • simulations
  • interactive Google form
  • video
  • games
  • interactive checklist

Instead of a quiz, they created a pre and post course reflection … “How will you implement what you learned?  List one action item you will  take action on after this course.”