Bridging the Gap ~ the High School – College Connection
(Ridge High School – Seton Hall University)
Instructional Designer:  Heidi Trotta
Faculty:      Martha Schoene, Physics
Ridge High School:         Brian Heiniman

Co-created the Bridge-the-Gap program to infuse higher level cognitive skills into the junior and senior year curriculum through the use of technology through the use of complex case studies in the sciences.

Scope of the Project (Abstract and Summary)

Projects with Ridge High School:

  • River City
  • Winter Storms: A Case Study in Collaborative Problem – Solving
  • Rip Currents

This project was funded by a 2006-2007 Seton Hall Faculty Innovation Grant

Reaching Out/Presentations:

Bridging the Gap
NJEDGE Faculty Showcase
Newark, New Jersey
March 23, 2007
(Co-presented with Martha Schoene, Brian Heineman)