Instructional Design – Capstone (Hybrid and Online – Summer) – EDST 6306
College of Education
Seton Hall University, NJ
Using a systematic approach, students design, develop, evaluate and revise instruction to meet defined goals and objectives.  Contemporary theories of learning become the framework and catalyst for the design process.  This course takes the place of a traditional Master Thesis.
3 credits
Spring 2015 – Present (runs all semesters)

Topics Covered:

  • Theory
    Introduction to Instructional Design
    Traditional Learning Theory
    Brain Wiring, Attention, Memory
    Design Thinking
    Universal Design and Accessibility
    Project Based Learning vs Problem Based Learning  (includes Games and Gaming)
    Cognitive Overload and Technology  (includes Effective Visual Design)
    Communities of Practice, Situated Learning, Apprenticeship
    Delivery Models
    Rubrics and Assessment
  • Practice
    Components for Project (i.e. Needs Analysis, Design Decisions, Lesson Plan, etc.)

Syllabus Spring 2017
Master Schedule

This course uses VoiceThread to promote critical thinking and providing students an opportunity to engage in theory.
Sample of Course Voice Thread   (students provided permission to post sample)

Past Student Projects:

Student Comments:

“This is really the first class in the IDAT program that has taught me much about Instructional Design!  Thank you again for all of your support and feedback. Your time, assistance and seemingly limitless knowledge of the subject matter took what could have been a huge disaster for me and made it a project that I hope I can implement in my school in the near future”.

“I feel this project brought out the best in all of us. We were given the freedom to sparkle and shine! When initially reading the syllabus, I was overwhelmed and dreaded the idea that I would have to do everything listed. I thought, “Impossible!” But the impossible became the possible. Thank you Professor Trotta, for your feedback and guidance throughout the duration of the course. You pushed me to reach my fullest potential and brought out the best in me! For this, I am truly grateful!   THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for a fun, fabulous class! This was my favorite class at Seton Hall!”

“… With that in mind we developed a passion for our work which drove us to produce more work than we thought we could at the level of quality only passion can produce. I was able to overcome fears of uncertainty and find my way rather than being given a set of requirements to complete just to get the grade. While many people abhor such a challenge because the risk involved, with a supportive instructor, who is clearly a master in her field, I was able to meet those challenges and build more self-confidence than ever.”