Abby Goes to the OBGYN

I think this e-learning course is absolutely amazing.  It took me a second to get the hang of moving the character around however it did put the learner in control of the experience.  Not sure about the music though.


Show and Tell: Gamified eLearning in Articulate Storyline 3

Finding What You Are Not Looking For

How come when you go shopping for something, you find the perfect something else that was never on your list.  I’m looking for inspiration for an set of Storyline modules I am creating for a Graduate Online Orientation.  I’m all into scenarios.  So, I came across this blog post, from awhile ago …  I love what ThinkingKap Learning has done with this tutorial however, that impressed me the most was the design of their website,

ThinkingKap Website


Rise Up with RISE

Screenshot of RISE

Articulate 360 now has a web-based tool called RISE that I have been exploring when I have a few extra minutes.  I am crazy about this tool because it is simple, easy to use and the product looks great on mobile devices.  It is called RISE and although it does not have all the interactions that Storyline has, the result is still effective.

Here is an example that another designer, Valorie Engholm, put together that shows all the features.

The only issue I have found is when entering text, the formatting can get a little funky.  When that happens I just copy the text into Notepad and then recopy it back in.