Abby Goes to the OBGYN

I think this e-learning course is absolutely amazing.  It took me a second to get the hang of moving the character around however it did put the learner in control of the experience.  Not sure about the music though.


Show and Tell: Gamified eLearning in Articulate Storyline 3

Finding What You Are Not Looking For

How come when you go shopping for something, you find the perfect something else that was never on your list.  I’m looking for inspiration for an set of Storyline modules I am creating for a Graduate Online Orientation.  I’m all into scenarios.  So, I came across this blog post, from awhile ago …  I love what ThinkingKap Learning has done with this tutorial however, that impressed me the most was the design of their website,

ThinkingKap Website


Bringing Online Courses to the Next Level

I attBanner ELI Humanizingended a terrific ELI webinar called “Humanizing Your Online Course” given by Michelle Pacansky-Brock in June.  She provided a number of great ideas to bringing an online course to the “next level” by providing visual interest using a number of tools. As I explore them myself by adding them to the Instructional Design capstone course I teach.  I’m just so excited …

Here are the resource links:
Behaviors and Strategies for Improving Instructor Presence Online:

Course Design Tutorial


Online Courses for Faculty

The Humanizing Tool Buffet


Interactive Online Characters

A challenge in co-teaching ORLD 5055 – Staff Development and Training has been to have students explore other possibilities than Powerpoint for training.  This year I decided to infuse the course with examples of other choices, especially with content where students had questions or did not do well. This week I created a little movie on FAQ’s students had regarding their Organizational paper assignment.  Below is my attempt using a free online tool called xtranormal found at .  Even though this tool is very simplistic, it can still be effective.  I love animated characters and the research has shown that people identify with them.  I would love to have the opportunity to try something more sophisticated such as Code Baby.

(for some reason it is not embedding into my blog post correctly)     🙁

Prezi for Education

I’m working on gathering resources for our TLTC Summer Series day Stand Out in a Crowd – Effective Presentations to be held on June 30 and I came across this example of a Prezi created by Paul Hill. It is the best example of a Prezi I have seen that demonstrates how Prezi can be used for elearning or the face-2-face classroom.

Crazy Talk

This is an introduction to ORLD 5055 – Staff Development and Training I made this evening using Crazy Talk and an image of my Second Life avatar.  Our challenge in this course at Teacher’s College has been to get students to try different, more creative approaches for their final project, a training module.  This semester I thought I would use a variety of tools to cover areas in the course that students struggle with the hopes they will take a risk when it comes to producing their project.  My Crazy Talk is a little rough around the edges however the course starts tomorrow and I wanted it to be available.

Fast Tube by Casper