Come Out and Play

Day of Play Poster

In conjunction with the Petersheim Celebration at Seton Hall, our department hosted a “Day of Play”, a Maker Movement type of event, on Thursday, April 21, 2016.  While student and faculty attendance could have been stronger, the instructional designers enjoyed the day.

Projects included:

Creating a Motor ….


Forming flowers out of Fruit Roll Ups…


Creating a Robot Pin that lit using LED lights



And finally, a project in wearable electronics.  I made a bracelet using conductive thread and small LED lights.

wearable electronics


While the Maker Movement has not caught on at Seton Hall to this date, such experiences provides participants with the opportunity to move from passive consumers/users to active creators.  I also believes it provides a forum for techies and non-techies to come together while also encouraging creativity, experimentation and innovation.  Plus, it is FUN!