Abby Goes to the OBGYN

I think this e-learning course is absolutely amazing.  It took me a second to get the hang of moving the character around however it did put the learner in control of the experience.  Not sure about the music though.


Show and Tell: Gamified eLearning in Articulate Storyline 3

The Value of a Game

Joey Lee, Ph.D.

I attended an amazing day-long workshop (2nd NJEDGE Gamification/Games in Education Symposium)  on March 10, held at Rutgers University.  The highlight was Dr. Dr. Joey Lee, Ph.D. Teachers College, Columbia University.  His review of his keynote can be found here.  I also attended his workshop later in the morning which reminded me, nostalgically, of the excitement of my Teachers College days.  Wow, how I miss it.

In looking at games, I always think of digital games first however he talked about card games, of which he created the cardgametoolkit as a prototype software application.  I was very impress by the actual game he was involved with called  EcoChains: Arctic Crisis.

Later in the workshop, each table worked together to create their own card game.  I was reminded how difficult it is for a group to make a decision!

The students in my capstone class (EDST 6306) are always thinking “digital” for their artifacts however, I was reminded how a simple card game, if designed right, can be so engaging and enhance the learning experience.

I walked away with so many resources and ideas, it will take some time to go back and review.