Peer Learning Resources

student lecturing  with eyes watchingI saw this tweet by Harold Reingold today, providing a link to “Peeragogy” resources found here.

I feel my students this semester did not learn as much as they could have from fellow classmates so the opportunity for more peer learning is something I would like to enhance the next time I teach #edst6306.

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New Roles for Faculty

I saw a youtube video on the Networked Student and they had identified new roles for teachers/faculty that I thought were very accurate.  They included:

  • Learning Architect
  • Modeler
  • Change Agent
  • Learning Concierge
  • Network Sherpe
  • Connected Learning Incubator
  • Synthesizer

What is missing is “knowledge provider”.  This is a gigantic shift for the academy … one I’m not sure all it’s members are prepared or even trained for.

Catch the video below …

Fast Tube by Casper

Information and Computers in Public Service

Matt Hale
Matt Hale

Dr. Matt Hale, faculty in Seton Hall University’s Center for Public Service is teaching a graduate course this spring semester called Information and Computers in Public Service.  PSMA6008, is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to serve as an interface between administrative personnel in an organization focused on policy and those focused on technology.

A number of learning activities are planned for this course:

  1. “Me and My Technology”  … an early writing assignment to help students reflect on how they use technology in their everyday lives.  By comparing reflections, students will explore how different people use technology in different ways. 
  2. A collaborative book/article  review
  3. Individual article reviews to be written in individual student blogs
  4. “How are you going to do that?” – a collaborative group project for a factitious organization.  The class will identify a series of goals and taskes related to the project as well as desired organizational outcomes.  Each project will then review a different technology to see if their technology will aid the organzation in reaching their goals and objectives.

To aid in gathering and recording all student work, the students created individual WordPress blogs.  A class pbwiki was created along with a class pageflakes site.

To help students get started with the techology, a hands-on session was provided.  To see a syllabus of PSMA 6008, psma-6008-syllabus-spring-2009.