Short Video Snippets

Video Marketing


Lately, I have been very interested in the use of, and the creation of short instructional video clips, sometimes called “expainer video”.  Here is a link to 17 Fabulous Explainer Videos .  I have been following Ashley Kennedy on Linked In, who is Senior Staff Author: Video Post Production,, who posts tips and tricks on how to create these videos, with a focus on how to create this type of video.  I can see them being great instructional tools along with marketing.

Today I came across this video advertisement by Danny Gregory for a course I was interested in taking personally.  I was interested in the course to begin with however I became more interested as I listened to the video.  This video is way too long for an explainer video sample, however I did find it to be another example of video marketing.

I’m hoping to be able to explore and create these, along with animated videos this year!