Finding What You Are Not Looking For

How come when you go shopping for something, you find the perfect something else that was never on your list.  I’m looking for inspiration for an set of Storyline modules I am creating for a Graduate Online Orientation.  I’m all into scenarios.  So, I came across this blog post, from awhile ago …  I love what ThinkingKap Learning has done with this tutorial however, that impressed me the most was the design of their website,

ThinkingKap Website


It’s a Coming

I’m still deciding on my new home page for …. not quite ready.  My original WordPress software was so out of date that it seemed more time efficient to just start anew.  We reinstalled WordPress in my webspace and, as a result, lost all 60 previous posts.  However, we have a record of them and I’ll be putting them back.   

I’m still deciding on a template, just want something different than what’s out there.   I’d like to combine my wiki portfolio and the blog into one place .  Until I make my final decision, I’ll be using this blog for general thoughts and reflections about Teaching and Learning in the Cloud.

All posts regarding my final project for my EdM at Columbia in Instructional Design and Technology can be found at