Finding What You Are Not Looking For

How come when you go shopping for something, you find the perfect something else that was never on your list.  I’m looking for inspiration for an set of Storyline modules I am creating for a Graduate Online Orientation.  I’m all into scenarios.  So, I came across this blog post, from awhile ago …  I love what ThinkingKap Learning has done with this tutorial however, that impressed me the most was the design of their website,

ThinkingKap Website



It always happens.  I see an imtineyeage I want to use, pop it into my PowerPoint, forgetting to cite where I got the image.  Later, when using the presentation in a more formal setting, I go back to see if I can find where the image originally came from, all in vain.  Today, Tom Kuhlman, in his blog, The Rapid E-Learning Blog talked about TINEYE, a reverse image site that searches the Internet for the image and lists sites where it’s found.  I tried it with a couple of images – works like a charm.  Perfect!