For the last number of years the focus at Seton Hall has been on online course development.

Seton Hall follows the Quality Matters Development and Review Process  using the standard Review Rubric.  As a Certified Quality Matters Reviewer (2009 – Present) I have developed 50 + and reviewed 30 + courses to meet those best-practice standards.

In designing courses, since I also teach online, I focus on making courses time-efficient for the faculty member, easy to copy and maintain, organized, and consistent.

Presentations – Online Teaching:

Fall 2016
From Vanilla to Cherry Garcia – The Next Level for Online Course Development
Co-presented with Danielle Mirliss
NJEDGE Fall Conference
From Vanilla to Cherry Garcia

2014, 2015, 2016
Communication, Feedback and Presence
Let’s Discuss
Meeting the Needs Of Diverse Learners
Online Teaching Days/Seminars
Seton Hall University

Using Rubrics  to Score and Grade  Individual and Peer Assessment
Writing Measurable Objectives
Online Teaching Day – Summer of 2009
Seton Hall University

2006 and 2005
Developing and Implementing Web-Based Courses – Day Workshop
National Coalition of Hospital Associated Schools and Christ Hospital, Jersey City, N.J.Co-presented with Danielle Mirliss 
April 7, 2006 and June 6, 2005