Creating Visual Models for Community Development
Instructional Designer:  Heidi Trotta
Faculty Member:  Matt Hale
Course:  PSMA 7122NA – Strategic Management for Collaborative Governance
Spring, 2008

Project Abstract:  Everyday, in cities across America, there is an on going battle between different constituencies over land use.  Businesses see a vacant lot as an opportunity to build a factory, citizens may want a park, and a nonprofit group might prefer a community center.    Using a case-based scenario, each student was assigned to a team that represents one of the following “agents for change”; a nonprofit community organization, a real estate developer and a government agency.  Each team was responsible for:
(1) Designing an approach for developing a vacant parcel of land that meets their organization’s stated objectives and goals
(2) Preparing a detailed development plan for the property and why thier plan should be chosen by the special magistrate.  A visual representation of the proposed plan should be made using Google Sketch-Up.
(3) Presenting their plan and proposal to the special megistrate at a hearing.

Matt Hale – Audio

Reaching Out/Presentations:

 A New Tool for the Shed:  Google Sketchup
(Co-presented with Matt Hale)
Matt Hale Audio Recording
November 14, 2008
Montclair University
Montclair, New Jersey
~ funded by a TLTC Faculty Innovation Grant Project