Crazy Talk

This is an introduction to ORLD 5055 – Staff Development and Training I made this evening using Crazy Talk and an image of my Second Life avatar.  Our challenge in this course at Teacher’s College has been to get students to try different, more creative approaches for their final project, a training module.  This semester I thought I would use a variety of tools to cover areas in the course that students struggle with the hopes they will take a risk when it comes to producing their project.  My Crazy Talk is a little rough around the edges however the course starts tomorrow and I wanted it to be available.

Fast Tube by Casper

All Fired Up

Since I returned from the Savannah School of Art and Design story and the user experience have been on my mind.  I have always known how important these concepts are in design and communication but they live and breath it there.  What an amazing place and an inspiration to me personally.  Typography, image, interaction are so very important but they are only the supporting actors.  This week I explored some terrific elearning modules and graphics and I really looked at them in a whole different way … evaluating the story and interactive element.     Could I identify it .. .what did it say?

There are so many design blogs out there but I came across today.  The horizontal scrolling is fresh and engaging.  The difference from the norm encouranges exploration.  It  stuck me that we never see anything similar in an educational context.  Wouldn’t this be an amazing way to present content?

Illustrator Tutorials

The Vectips Website

I follow the Rapid eLearning Blog by Tom Kuhlmann who runs the community for Articulate.  What I enjoy about his blog is the tutorials and resources he offers regarding developing elearning tutorials that are graphically pleasing.  He shared this resource for Illustrator tutorials I want to remember.


First Twitter Design

Twitter Page for Para L' elle

Design for Twitter

Here is our first Twitter Design for my dear friend at Para L’ elle in Mendham, a small women’s boutique.  Her Twitter icon is from her business card.  Her main design element to the far left is made from a stamp (purchased at Michaels Crafts) that was then brought into Illustrator and altered in color.  The bags from her store are brown with blue writing so I used a brown background and then scanned in this beautiful marbled paper I had made a number of years ago.  Using Photoshop, I added some blue to the background.  I like this version but my Illustrator skills are sure rusty!