What we are passionate about, we excel.  I love the excitement of the college classroom, humming with discussion, experimentation, interaction  and activity.  I have taught face-to-face, hybrid and online.  Regardless of the venue, I am always looking for ways to maximize student engagement with the content, and each other to maximize their learning opportunities.

Past students have described my courses as “heavy in  theory”.  Perhaps.   Even though I am a “practitioner” in the field, I believe one has to support insights, thoughts and ideas with theory and framework. However, it is the application of research to practice that is the most important in my opinion.  I want my students to become critical thinkers, turning scholarly work upside down and inside out.

Active LearningMost all assignments I give are based on problem-based learning.  It can be intentional chaos and messy, however, I feel students need to  “practice” solving real-world problems in a safe environment where they can take risks.  I promote creativity and a design thinking approach, with an emphasis on best practice.

I am very proud of my classroom, thankful for the opportunities provided to me to pass on my experience and knowledge.