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Date of Completion:  March, 2018  (revised)

Client:  Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ

Tools Used (Authoring, Visuals):  Articulate Storyline, Photoshop

Project Background:
Since 2009, Seton Hall University has offered students the opportunity to sharpen their computing skills through a set of online self-paced online modules called Tech Skills each year.  Upon completion, the student is awarded a credit of $100 (except for the first year) on their bursar account.  The student must successfully complete each series before progressing to the next level the following spring.  These online modules, created in Articulate Storyline, are hosted in Blackboard, the university’s course management system.  These modules include:

  • Tech Skills I – Basic Computing Skills (Incoming Freshman)
  • Tech Skills II – Pirate Net, Blackboard  (Sophomores)
  • Tech Skills III – Collaborative Technologies for Group Projects  (Juniors)
  • Tech Skills IV – Tech Tips for Graduating Seniors  (Seniors)

Note:  This course is ran Spring 2018.

Main Course Feature (Tech Skills III):
Scenario Based – Students are presented with a real-life scenario; a group of students assigned to complete a group project.    The viewer’s role is to help them determine the best technology tool for the job based on a number of factors (time, ease of use, prior knowledge, tool features and limitations). The viewer is asked to make a recommendation, upon which, they are provided with feedback.   Successful strategies for working together as a team are also explored such as determining tasks, getting ready, assessing group strengths, communicating, assigning due dates and sharing content.  Each member of the team has strengths that add to the success of their project.

Recommendations are made for assessing technology options based on the task at hand.

Published URL’s:  (Because this course is currently being offered, only the introduction can be provided at this time)

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Collaborating
  • Sharing Resources

Why This Course Work?
The viewer becomes an active participant in the story increasing student engagement.

My Role:
Wrote script, developed visual, interactive components and quizzes to create a consistent experience across modules.

Tight timetable